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Enrico Fermi Schools on the Constitution of Matter


The MACRET project is based on the constitution forms of the matter together with the matter-radiation interaction, therefore, the atomic and molecular properties based on electromagnetic aspects are treated in Courses MACRET 2 (High Pressure Phenomena) and MACRET 4 (Organic Nanostructures: Science and Applications) while properties based on nuclear aspects are treated in MACRET 1 (From Nuclei and their Constituents to Stars). To important aspects concerning the matter radiation.interaction problem is devoted MACRET 3 (Experimental Quantum Computing and Information). The project is expected to represent the contact point for European researchers and leader scientists, active in different, though interconnected, fields. The further developments will increase the knowledge thus allowing a know-out essential to the European improvement of science and technology.


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Varenna (Lake Como)