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Socio-Economic Research and Geographic Information Systems


The proposed two conferences develop further the themes of the existing Euroconference series on Socio-Economic Research and GIS. This series included a successful conference at Il Ciocco, Italy, in May 1997 on the Socio-Economic Impacts of Geographic Information Handling Technologies, and one at Espinho, Portugal, in May 1999 on the Socio- Economic Analysis of Geographic Information. The theme of the first conference proposed in this application is the Digital City. It will focus on the developments in representation technologies (VR, spatial multimedia), and the creation of the spatial data infrastructures that are required to support the analysis and management of urban environments, as well as the requirements to support more effective urban management and greater public participation. The theme of the second conference proposed is Geographic Information for Health and the Environment.

It focuses on the opportunities created by geographic information to link health events to the social and physical environment in which they take place, thus yielding deeper research insights and enabling more effective needs assessment and targeting of service provision. Both proposed conferences build upon activities and networks promoted by the European Science Foundation, such as the GISDATA scientific programme (1993-97), and the new programme on Social Variations in Health for the period 1999- 2001. They also link to key research priorities identified in the thematic programmes of the Fifth Framework Programme. The key objectives of the series is to promote greater awareness of the opportunities and limitations created by digital geographic information and related technologies for social science research, promote inter-disciplinary dialogue, and exchange of experience between senior experts and young researchers.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Kerkrade (Near Maastricht)


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