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Inherited Disorders and their Genes in Different European Populations


The main objective of this meeting is to bring together established scientists and young researchers with an interest in evolutionary genetics, clinical genetics, pharmacogenetics, genetic epidemiology, in- silico-genetics and genetic screening techniques. This multi-disciplinary approach will stimulate attendants to look beyond their own field of interest. The past performance of the invited speakers will cover all major fields of genetic research anno 2000, based on their mutual decades of experience. The meeting will be organised in such a way that all attendants will have sufficient time to discuss not only during scientific sessions, but also thereafter.
Without ignoring conventional genetic research, we do plan to pay more specific attention to fast growing sections of genetic research such as rapid genetic mass-screening techniques, the use of computer networks for the statistical analysis of genetic data and pharmacogenetics.
Evidently, because human genetic research is an extremely fast evolving science in its own, we intend to keep an open mind to include new human genetic topics as "state-of-the-art" dictates it.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In San Feliu De Guixols