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Eurofoetus Conference on Fetoscopy and Invasive Fetal Diagnosis & Therapy


This project aims to organise a euroconference on <>. (Young) researchers will be offered the opportunity to participate actively in a one-day conference, dealing with 7 different themes of the highly specialised field of invasive fetal medicine. Each theme will be introduced by a young researcher with proven expertise in the field, giving an overview of the state-of -the-art and defining burning issues in current research. Selected papers will then be presented by participants followed by a discussion with the audience and experts. Each thematic session will be closed by a senior authority summarizing the merits and shortcomings of the selected presentations. 100 participants will be allowed participation to this conference, based on blinded review of abstracts. The 40 best ranked papers will be allowed oral presentation, the remaining 60 papers will be invited for poster exhibits. Three prizes will be awarded.
All participants to this Euroconference will be offered free participation to an international symposium on invasive fetal diagnosis and therapy, immediately following the Euroconference. No support for this symposium is being seeked with this application.

The symposium is organised as part of the dissemination plan of the shared cost Biomed 2 contract EUROFOETUS, a project focussed on fetoscopy in fetal medicine. It is co-sponsored by the US-National Institutes of Health, confirming its level of excellence. A series of key-note lectures by the world's most famous experts offers a complete overview on invasive fetal medicine. This back-to-back organisation allows to use the financial means and logistics of this prestigious high level symposium to support the Euroconference without weighing on the budget of the latter. Such euroconference will be the most stimulating forum for presenting cutting edge research in this highly specialised field of invasive fetal diagnosis and therapy. Selected young researchers can debate directly with leaders in fetal medicine research and may find their careers boosted.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Leuven


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