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Euroconference on 'Molecular Motors'


Support is requested for a Euroconference on Molecular Motors, to be held at Alpbach, Austria, in April 2001. This conference will follow the highly successful one, which we held there in 1998. The title 'Molecular Motors' refers to those molecules in the living cell, which use chemical energy (for example, from the splitting of ATP) to produce work. The best-known such motor is the protein myosin, which powers muscle contraction. However, it has become apparent in the last 10-15 years that the cell contains a huge variety of such molecular machines, with diverse and essential functions. The field of molecular motors aims to understand both their common principles of operation and the specializations of individual motors. This research lies at the intersection of many fields biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, physics) and the results have major implications for medicine and for industrial applications.
The conference will be for the presentation of the most recent, still unpublished research on motors

Sessions will be structured so as to maximise interdisciplinary group discussion of new results, clarification of controversial issues and the development of new concepts and research directions. These sessions will be complemented by organized poster sessions for detailed presentation of experimental work. The meeting will have an informal character, favourable also for private discussion and for promoting international collaboration. The participants will be active researchers in the area of molecular motors fom European and non-European countries; they will be selected on the basis of their ability to contribute actively to the meeting. Keynote speakers will be internationally known experts, the leaders in their respective areas of specialization. Financial support is requested for these speakers, and in particular so that we can invite a substantial number of suitably qualified researchers and postdoctoral fellows under 35 years old.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This event takes place in alpbach, tirol


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