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2000 ADBIS-DASFAA Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems


The East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS) is a successor of the annual International Workshops with the same title that during 1993 - 1996 were organized in Russia by the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter. Initiated in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1997, it continued in Poznan, Poland in 1998 and Maribor, Slovenia in 1999. ADBIS Conference became the premier database and information systems conference in Eastern Europe, intended to increase interaction and collaboration between researchers from East and West, and to provide an internationally recognized tribune for the presentation of research.
On the other hand, the International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFM) was first held in Seoul, Korea in 1989 to promote database research and development activities in Asian and Australian countries. The SIGDBS of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) and the SIGDB of Korea Information Science Society (KISS) took important role to organize DASFAA. Since that time the DASFAA has been held in every two years; Tokyo in 1991, Daejon in 1993, Singapore in 1995, Melbourne in 1997, and Taiwan in 1999. The DASFAA became one of the most prestigious international conferences ever held in Asia and Australia.
2000 ADBIS-DASFAA Symposium intends to promote interaction and collaboration between researchers from Europe and Asia and Australia, and to provide an international forum for the presentation of research on database theory, development of advanced DBMS technologies, and their advanced applications. It is planned that this symposium will be held bi-annually in the years when DASFAA conferences are not organized. 2000 ADBIS-DASFAA Symposiurn is considered also to be the regular, Fourth ADBIS annual Conference.

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