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Structural Genomics will be crucial in the post-Genome sequencing era. It aims to add value to the wealth of data produced by the Human Genome Project (and those from other organisms) by providing a three-dimensional picture of what the proteins produced by genes do in a biological context. It is an inter-disciplinary subject, ranging from the physics of X-ray diffraction or NMR Spectroscopy to the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of genes and proteins, with Bioinformatics and Computational Biology involved at almost every stage.
Protein structure is central to all aspects of molecular biology and disease. Structural Genomics will have a major impact on Academic and Industrial Research. Results will both add greatly to the understanding of biological processes and aid the design of novel therapeutic agents.
Large Structural Genomics projects are currently underway in the US and Japan. However, there is limited activity within Europe. This meeting will bring European scientists together with researchers involved in the large-scale projects in the USA/ Japan with a view to applying greater focus to Structural Genomics within Europe. The meeting will comprise eight sessions. The Target Selection session will focus on the order in which genes are to be studied by Structural Genomics. A session on Expression, Purification & Crystallisation will deal with key areas of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry that are upstream of the experimental Structural Biology experiments. Three sessions on Structure Determination will address current efforts within Europe and the rest of the world, with respect to new technological developments and results from current projects. A session on Functional Genomics will address experiments, which complement Structural Genomics. Two further sessions will deal with Structural Bioinformatics, addressing key developments in computational Biology and Bioinformatics relevant to Structural Genomics.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
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