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12th EUROPEAN CELL CYCLE CONFERENCE: EuroConference on Cell Cycle Control in Normal and Malignant Cells


Cell cycle research is one of the hottest fields in Biological Science today. Besides revealing the intricate molecular mechanism of a fundamental phenomenon of life, it strongly influences related areas of biomedical research, e.g. molecular aspects of aging and human cancer. Cell division is a unique feature of all organisms at least during some part of their life cycle. It is not surprising therefore that the molecular events correlated with this process are very similar in most if not all species. Several research groups have emerged in Europe and overseas which utilize different systems from bacteria to mammalian cells and plants to study particular aspects of the universal cell cycle machinery.

Spectacular discoveries on the role of specific cell cycle genes and their products have largely stimulated cell cycle research in recent years. This trend will undoubtedly gain further dynamics in the future. The main goal of the proposed forth coming EuroConference is to provide a platform for the presentation and discussion of most recent advances achieved by the various groups working in this fast moving field with emphasis on the promotion of young European scientists. While several very active European groups are engaged in cell cycle research, they still lack an institutionalized "networking" system for coordinating their individual efforts. The proposed EuroConference therefore shall contribute to fill this gap and to induce strong synergy effects. The scientific programme offers up to 16 lectures (35-45 min) by invited leading experts, about 25 free oral communications (20 min) and 90 posters, which will be selected from the submitted contributions by the programme committee and presented mainly by young scientists. All invited speakers are leading experts - among them recipients of prestigeous scientific awards (see part C/3: "Programme Content") - who have largely influenced the still accelerating pace of the entire field of cell cycle research.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Mayrhofen/tyrol