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13th International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology (IIT2000), 17-22, September, 2000, Alpach, Austria


Ion Implantation Technology (IIT) Conferences constitute a biannual series aimed at applications of ion beams in microelectronics technologies inclusive corresponding development of equipment. The present meeting (IIT2000) is the 13th in the series. Ion implantation developed to become an almost exclusive technique in doping silicon semiconductor devices, one of they key problems in production of integrated devices. Challenges of the coming decade with huge foreseeable problems have already been formulated in a "Roadmap". This decade becomes critical as complexity of integrated circuits with their present day architecture will reach physical limits. To match the demands, a development in all aspects is inevitable, i.e in scientific background and modelling, in performance of the technique itself, in characterisation methods, and in implantation equipment capable of that high precision doping. This also implies that a present and future processing steps have to achieve a precision and reproductibility on an atomic level.

Ion implantation is based on knowledge of ion-solid interactions, which is in itself an extremely complex phenomenon. As topic of IIT is closest to industry among those the conference series, which deal with ion beam techniques, it is its ultimate goal to synthesise development in basics with practical and economically viable solutions. Thus, IIT is the conference, where scientists and engineers both from academics and from industry (the latter group constitutes > 50% of the participants) can meet and exchange ideas and experience. This view is enhanced by the school integrated to the conference, where international renowned experts, again, both from academics and industry, deliver lectures and serve the participants for three days.

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This event takes place in Alpbach,Tyrol


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