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Sixth eaces euroconference globalisation and european integration


The Conference's subject will be "Globalisation and European Integration". Globalisation and regional integration are considered as the major trends in the internationalisation of the world economy. The new behaviour imposes new rules of the game to all the participants in the economic process (companies, governments, managers, workers) in order to cope with the requirements of the increasing competitiveness. The conjunction of two trends arises specific and crucial challenges for the European Union. For the time being, the most important one is the enlargement of the EU to the CEE countries. This process demands a deep analysis of the foreseeable consequences for both set of countries (the EU members and the new-comer countries) in terms of life conditions, markets and institutions. Another critical arca of analysis is the EU institutional reform, required for the enlargement, in such important items as common budget, the CAP, the adaptation of EMU, the ways of representation in the European Parliament and Commission.

The main objective of the Conference is to develop deep analysis of the constraints and consequences of the major social and economic areas, as: - Financial market and institutions - Production process, restructuring, strategic or insdustrial policies - Corporate governance - Labour market conditions - Agricultural sector problems - Foreign Direct Investments and Trade Flows - Institutional and social reforms, pension systems, social security nets - Economic system convergence.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Barcelona


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