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Chains@Interfaces: EuroConference on the physics of surfactants and polymers at interfaces


The Physics of Soft Matter is a discipline studying colloids, surfactants, polymers, liquid crystals and biomaterials. Surfactants and polymers are paradigms in Soft Matter where these short and long chain molecules are building blocks or processing agents for many other materials. Ubiquitous in Soft Matter, interfaces dictate the behavior of many soft systems where the surface to volume ratio is often very high. Surfactants and polymers, also often surface active molecules, play therefore a major role in controlling the behavior of Soft Matter. They are found in most of the formulations of pharmaceuticals, detergents, cosmetics and food products.
The fast pace of ongoing scientific discovery and technological innovation in the fields of surfactants and polymers, both in academia and industry , can only be sustained if special attention is paid to knowledge dissemination amongst its leading actors. We foresee this conference as a privileged space where recent findings and new ideas in the area of soft condensed matter physics can be discussed. This event should promote a fruitful collaboration between experimentalists and theoreticians, between well renowned scientists and their younger colleagues, between academia and industry but also between the different disciplines that meet at the crossroads of soft interfaces.
Surfactant and polymer physics share many theoretical concepts and experimental techniques but the two scientific communities have often followed parallel roads. It is a key intent of the organisers to bring together specialist of both fields. Leading figures from the main areas of these disciplines have been invited to attend, and extensive publicity of the event will be made for Soft Matter physicists and for their colleagues from chemistry and biology concerned with the behaviour of short and long chains at interfaces. The participants will hear and discuss about many systems (membranes, vesicles, lamellar phases, membrane-polymer mixtures, charged chains, rnacrosurfactants) and techniques (AFM, X-ray microscopy, interfacial rheology).

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