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Euro Electromagnetics 2000: incorporating 13th High-Powered Electromagnetics Conference, 5th Ultrawideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics Conference, and 5th Unexploded Ordnance and Range Remediation Conference.


Euro Electromagnetic 2000 is a series of specialist research conferences in electromagnetic and its applications. It incorporates the 13th High-Powered Electromagnetic (HPEM) conference, the 5th Ultra wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetic (UWB-SP) Conference, and the 5th Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Range Remediation Conference. The objectives of EUROEM 2000 are to draw together academics, government agencies and companies, to promote exchange of ideas, information and latest research, and provides a forum for companies exhibiting technologies related to the meeting. Because the component conference scientific disciplines are closely related, there is much synergy in creating this structure for a series of overlapping meeting, promoting interdisciplinary. Moreover it creates opportunity for young researcher to meet internationally recognised experts as well as companies exhibiting specialist products and services and who are potential employers.
The HPEM meeting addresses all aspects of high powered field effects, including the safety and protection of equipment and people in the harsh electromagnetic environments; the UWB-SP meeting addresses EM radiation forms covering a very wide bandwidth, including fast rise time (sub nanosecond) fields; the UXO meeting addresses electromagnetic and related methods for the detection of surface and buried antipersonnel (AP) landmines and other unexploded ordnance. All meetings have special invited sessions organised of topics of current concern as well as contributed paper sessions.

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