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5th European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference


In 1992, European chemists and biologists founded the EUROBIC conferences by merging two bilateral conferences, a franco-german one (SAMBAS) and an italo-swiss one (SIMBIC) in one Conference able to operate at the European level, in order to facilitate the visibility of the European research in the field of biological inorganic chemistry at the international level. The first four EUROBIC conferences were held in Newcastle (1992), Firenze (1994). Noordwijkerhout (1996) and Sevilla (1998). Every two years, in alternance with IBIC, the international version of EUROBIC, 400 to 500 participants from European countries and also from USA and Japon communicate during 4 days their latest results on metalloenzymes, metalloproteins, interaction of inorganic compounds with nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), the toxicology of some metal ions, the design of new drugs based on metal complexes and metals in the environment. These participants are coming from universities and for ca. 10-20% from industrial research centres. It is also one aim of EUROBIC conferences to promote scientific international relationships and co- operations, including those initiated by the European Commission in the tenders of the 5th Framework Programme.

For young researchers, EUROBIC constitutes the way to actualise their knowledge, to meet leading scientists of the field and to present their results. In order to favour the participation of young researchers we are expecting to be ca. 30%, we have reduced for EUROBIC-5 the registration fee for young researchers by nearly 30% (366 € instead of 504 €) thereby giving them a chance to participate. EUROBIC-5 wiIl comprise 10 plenary lectures, 36 section lectures in 2 parallel sessions (46 invited speakers), 12 oral presentations of selected posters as well as 2 poster sessions. EUROBIC- 5 is recognized by the French Chemical Society (SFC) and the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC) and will be supported by the French Ministry of Education, the CNRS, the Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées and is expected to be sponsored by several other public and private organisms, local but also national and international ones.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Toulouse