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Second European Symposium on Aerobiology


Aerobiology deals with various different types of organisms and their products carried passively by the wind, their release, dispersion, deposition, and impact on the environment and organisms. Aerobiology must therefore be considered as a multidisciplinary scientific field, which covers surprisingly broad fields of basic and applied sciences, such as allergology, immunology, bioclimatology, palynology, air pollution, plant pathology, microbiology, indoor environment etc. The main function of the Symposium will be to give insight into the rapidly developing new strategies and techniques, to gain inter-disciplinary education and communication facilities in particular for young researchers, and to give ample opportunity to the Delegates for discussion on different aspects of aerobiology with the international opinion leaders.

The topics, which have been chosen are therefore focusing on the future development of aerobiology, such as the use of high technology equipment, networks, applications, and educational aspects: 1) New Techniques This session is dedicated to the "dreams" of aerobiologists - automatic recognition of airborne particles, new (immunochemical) sampling techniques, and multimedia techniques that should be helpful both to accelerate and simplify aerobiological routine work and gain the precision of aerobiological statements; 2) Education Programs (Standardisation of Training Courses). There is doubtlessly a need of standardisation of the techniques and knowledge in aerobiology in order to obtain comparable data from different regions and fields of investigation. A number of attempts have been made into this direction. The results presented by experienced researchers will hopefully lead to accordance about the guidelines for future work and education and sensitise junior researchers to the demands of international standards.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Vienna