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Quantum interference and cryptographic keys: novel physics and advancing technologies.


The collective phenomena of quantum interference, including wave particle duality and apparent non-locality, have intrigued the physics community for many years. It is only recently that, having accepted these counter intuitive quantum phenomena, we have begun to turn them to good use. This has led to absolute secure key exchange encoding data on the polarisation or phase of individual photons or using the quantum correlations between pairs of particles.

The possibility of communications applications has stimulated the study of a variety of novel quantum interference phenomena involving two, three and four photons and continuous variable (many photon) quantum information has emerged. This is a timely conference that will bring the European and world experts together with students and young researchers to discuss in detail the recent advances in the field. We expect strong cross-fertilization between experts from the various disciplines (information theory, quantum physics, optics, telecommunications) that contribute to this field.

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