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Euro Summer School on Risk Assessment for Reproduction


Background: Adverse outcomes of reproduction can occur because of errors in the genetic constitution of embryo, adverse environmental exposures, or combination of both. Many scientific disciplines contribute to an understanding of human reproduction, as embryology, developmental biology and physiology, teratology, genetics, paediatrics and epidemiology. Not only does the multidisciplinary approach appear to be indispensable to investigate possible causes of adverse reproductive outcomes, but also in the implementation of research to improve public health. Objectives: The general aim of the course is to integrate biological and epidemiological. Knowledge to ameliorate the study approach on human reproduction, in order to improve scientific skills of the younger generation in the field of birth defects management.

The specific objectives of the course are to give participants a scientific advancement in:
design and methods of epidemiological studies;
detection of gene-environment interaction involved in human reproduction;
methods for, surveillance; clustering and cluster detection;
risk assessment and risk communication; methods for investigation and analysis in the birth defects field.
Ethical issues will also be treated. Organisation: The School is organised as a six-day residential course. The programme is divided into two parts: concepts and methods on genetics, reproductive epidemiology and risk assessment for human reproduction; epidemiology of birth defects, focusing on methodologies and tools for investigation and analysis. Venue: Residential Conference Centre located in S.Miniato (Pisa), a medieval village easily reachable from Pisa or Florence by train or bus (about 40 minutes). Both Pisa and Florence have International Airports. The Residential Conference Centre is provided with adequate infrastructure and equipped with scientific facilities and technical supports (2 conference halls, 3 meeting rooms, 1 computer laboratory, private areas for free discussion).

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Pisa