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Fluctuations in classical and quantum systems: superfluid helium, 2D electrons, chemistry, physiology, the early universe and other non-equilibrium systems


Nonequilibrium fluctuations pervade almost all areas of science, and represent a topic of extreme dynamism. They lie at the root of many fundamental concepts of statistical physics and are responsible for e.g. quantum tunnelling giving rise to vortex creation in superfluid helium, cosmic strings in the early universe, chemical reactions, and important phenomena in nonlinear dynamical systems, physiology, and two-dimensional electron assemblies - as well as impacting on social and economic problems. The purpose of the proposed workshop is to bring together a group of scientists that do not normally meet or communicate, but all of whom work on nonequilibrium fluctuations.

They will be drawn from UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Ukraine and Russia. Major points of emphasis will be on macroscopic quantum tunnelling as representing one of the most (if not the most) fundamental type of fluctuation, and on helium superfluidity which provides a unique tool for investigating such fluctuations. Leading specialists working on quantized vortex creation, and fluctuational phenomena in 2D-electron systems on the superfluid surface will meet - in most cases for the first time - with fluctuational dynamicists. The meeting will thus provide a unique opportunity for direct discussion between two distinct scientific communities. It will therefore facilitate a search for possible breakthroughs in the understanding of large fluctuations in systems far from thermal equilibrium.

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Type of Event: Euro Workshop
This Event Takes Place In Lancaster

United Kingdom

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