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VAST EuroConference: Virtual Archaeology between Scientific research and Territorial marketing


The VAST EuroConference primarily focuses on the requirements and features that Virtual Reality (VR) application must own to be a valuable tool for Archaeology, what in our opinion presently it is not. Second, it explores how Virtual Archaeology, VR application to Archaeology, may be used for territorial marketing, the exploitation of local archaeological resources. Many advanced VR applications to Archaeology (reconstruction of ancient sites and objects) draw more from spectacular computer graphics than from sound archaeological evidence. Nonetheless, there exist exceptions, often not using state-of-the-art technology. The EuroConference aims at filling this evident gap, starting from these exceptions, to evaluate if there is a recipe that can be generalised.

Best experiences includes tight integration in the social context to which the investigation refers, what introduces the second main theme: territorial marketing, the promotion of local cultural resources. How can technology be used at its best to help Archaeology and induce a better exploitation of the site involved in the investigation? What features, probably as yet unavailable, are needed to make Virtual Reality a sound and accepted archaeological tool? Are the necessary investments really out of the financial possibilities of small and medium local institutions, as municipalities and local museums/archaeological parks? These are the questions the Conference will address. The discussion will be conducted by leading scientists while attendees are expected to be young researchers both in computer graphics, with "cultural" interests, and archaeology, with "technological" interests. Both young and senior researchers will profit from meeting managers of local governments and, in general, from the atmosphere surrounding the EuroConference, which will take place within a yearly exhibition of innovative projects of municipalities and other local administrations.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Arezzo