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5th International Neurotrauma Symposium


The 5th Intemational Neurotrauma Symposium -a non-profit making project - is the continuation of a conference series initiated in 1991. Its purpose is to draw attention to the enormous medical and socioeconomic sequelae of brain and spinal cord injury at the international level. The Symposium in 2000 organized under the auspices and on behalf of the International Neurotrauma Society serves again as platform to bring together the top interdisciplinary representatives of the international neurotrauma community, reaching from the basic sciences to the clinical practice to present and discuss most recent results and concepts. Thereby, the understanding of injury mechanisms and treatment strategies will be markedly advanced as basis for the improvement of the clinical management and, thus, outcome of patients. Highlights of the Symposium are state-of-the-art keynote lectures on pertinent aspects, reaching from the molecular mechanisms of neuronal death or axonal regeneration to the clinical management and physical/neuropsychological rehabilitation. Top-ranking scientists and clinicians of a field will be available for the intensive interdisciplinary dialogue.

Thereby, opportunities are provided for Young Researchers to obtain first hand information as stimulus for their own active involvement in laboratory and clinical research, as well as for making contacts with the leading experts for laboratory/clinical cooperation and training. A Special Young Investigator Session will be organised offering opportunities for Young Researchers to present and discuss their data. Excellent training will also be provided by introductory reviews during regular sessions and the poster presentations and discussions guided by experts. As an important spin-off the cumulation of novel data and concepts will generate a host of new hypotheses to attract Young Researchers into the neurotrauma field to initiate their own scientific projects.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Garmisch-p.