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Foundation of Statistical Inference: Applications in the Medical and Social Sciences in Industry and the Interface with Computer Science


Statistical Sciences has seen a tremendous growth and development in theory and methodology. Advent of computers has facilitated the use of modern statistics in all branches of science, making statistics truly interdisciplinary, strongly rooted in the medical, Social, Engineering and Natural Sciences. At the Same time the abundance of software and methods available to users brought to light the critical issues a model, or which methodology is appropriate, given the data and problem. Indeed, Mathematical Statisticians have been moving ahead, studying the appropriateness of models and methodologies to various types of data and to the decision- theoretic framework of the annalyses. The main goal of the conference is to help bridge the gap between theory and application. It seems that this gap is especially wide in the European (and Israeli) Statistical community and probably less so in the USA. For this purpose we invited several leading American Statisticians, whose work pertains to the interface between theory and application, to interact with EC Statisticians and especially with young researchers.

Another wide gap that the proposed conference hopes to help bridge is that between Bayesian and Frequents Paradigm, both having a strong bearing on applications. Thus, the objectives are to bring together experts from industry and academia, to provide a forum for collaborative efforts and encourage interdisciplinary exchanges and to provide a meeting place for young and established statisticians. We believe that the best way to achieve the above-mentioned goals is by having tutorial sessions and lectures by leading experts. This type of communication among scientists of different convictions and among them and the young researchers will be of great value to Member and Associate States, young and established statisticians, and will promote the level of statistics, theoretical and applied, in all countries concerned. We further believe that it will inspire young scientists to join forces across national boundaries to work in the future on the important problems that they will be exposed to in the conference.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Shoresh