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7th International Conference on Electronic Ceramics and Their Applications


The electro ceramics conference is the only conference of its type in the field of electronic ceramics in Europe and in the world. It is of European origin and traditionally organised every 2 years since 1988 in Europe. It brings together researchers from universities, institutes and industry and gives them the premier opportunity for discussion of the latest results and advances in the interdisciplinary field of electro ceramics. The conference covers a broad spectrum of research activities related to materials and devices with special functional properties: ferroelectric's, piezoelectric, pyroelectric ceramics, ferroelectrics thin films, dielectric ceramics, insulators, multilayer structures, microwave ceramics, ionic and electronic conductors, transport phenomena, defects, electric conductivity, materials for SOFCs, grain boundary controlled processes, varistors, PTCR-materials, magnetic materials, superconductors, optical ceramics, photonics, thick films, packaging, sensors, composites, nano- materials, nano- structures, nano-technologies, electron microscopy of electro ceramics, processing, sintering and microstructure development, and reliability. The electro ceramic conference gathers researchers from the whole electro ceramic community, covers a wide variety of topics and gives a unique opportunity to each participant to learn about the state-of- the-art of electro ceramics and its trends. In this way, the conference promotes interdisciplinary and worldwide collaboration in the field of electro ceramics, its progress and hence fulfils its primary objectives and goals.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Portoroz Convention Centre, Portoroz