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Euro Workshops on Planetary Geology


We propose a series of two Euro Workshops (INTERPLANET_CONF) on the broad topic of Planetary Geology. Our conferences will serve as a meeting place for terrestrial and planetary geologists who are interested exchanging information and ideas. Planetary Geology is not entirely developed in Europe. In the next few years a number of planetary missions from ESA and some EU member States will also devoted to the geology of terrestrial planets. The two proposed events deal with emerging and leading- edge subjects in geoscience. They are attracting a considerable number of geoscientists, mostly devoted to research on Earth. Both subjects are suitable for research on other planets of the Solar Systems, and the two workshop will try to put together researchers working on different bodies of the Solar System (including Earth). The first conference is titled "Geological and climatological roles of gases and gas hydrates in the Solar System" (GasEx). Gas and gas hydrates are becoming more important in the interpretation of several processes occurring on Earth at local and global scale.

This kind of processes are probably occurring on other Solar System bodies (such as Mars, Titan). Their influence on the planetary evolution and the current state will be investigated using the Earth as analogue. The second workshop is focused on the "Geology and exobiology of extreme environments" (GeoExtreme). The study on the geological and biological settings of terrestrial extreme environments is a crucial point to understand how life can survive in hard conditions in other planets. INTERPLANET_CONF is linked to the Summer School on Planetary Geology (GEOPLANETS) that has been proposed separately responding to this call. The three events (INTERPLANET_CONF and GEOPLANETS) form a single package to provide a differenciated forum to the geoscientific community in Europe.


Type of Event: Euro Workshop
This Event Takes Place In Tremiti Islands - Foggia