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The focus of RANLP-2001 is on recent advances in Computer Processing of Natural Language (NLP) and Human Language Technology (HLT) and on the promotion of new results in NLP/HLT, based on alternative to the mainstream techniques of symbolic NLP theories such as connectionist, statistical, hybrid and multimedia approaches. The conference will be organised by the Linguistic Modelling Department (LMD) that is the leading Bulgarian HLT research centre.

LMD has a rich experience in participation in EC and other international projects. LMD will be responsible for the local organisation and some of its members will be involved in the Programme Committee (PC) as paper reviewers. The PC has a wide international presence and will review the paper submissions. Bulgaria-related members of the PC are: G.Angelova, B.Boguraev, R.Mitkov, N.Nicolov, D.Radev, K.Bontcheva. Balkan states related members are K.Oflazer, D.Christea, D.Moldovan. Among the EC, US and Asia members are J.Pustejovsky, M.Nagao, E.Hovy, E.Charniak,Y.Wilks, A.Joshi, C.Samuelsson, B.Carpenter, F.Fukumoto, H.Kamp, B.Maegard.

The conference organisers have arranged a rich programme of tutorials and invited talks featuring well-established names in HLT - J.Pustejovsky, Jun-ichi Tsujii, B.Boguraev, Y.Wilks, M.Kay, and E.Hovy. Therefore, the EC contribution will be also used for covering their travel costs and expenses. The conference programme will also include approximately 26 full and 26 short papers to be presented in 30-minute slots. On the first evening there will be a conference reception to facilitate informal discussions throughout RANLP.

The conference proceedings will be collated and printed by a Bulgarian company - Incoma BG, which has already been arranged with LMD as the local organisers. In order to disseminate widely the conference results, the PC has negotiated for the best papers to be published as a volume by John Benjamins Publishers as part of their Current Issues in Linguistics.

Funding Scheme

SC - High Level Scientific Conference


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