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Electronics Goes Green 2000+


As a result of the world-wide economic growth, the environmental pollution is increasing continuously during the past decades. Only a drastic increase of the resource efficiency and a decrease of pollutants can reverse this development. In this reorientation electronics are both, a problem and a problem solver at the same time:
- Problem solver, because the use of electronics help replacing material intensive products (e.g. gears, switches);
- Problem, because the environmental impact of electronic products is increasingly shifting. Ever shorter product innovation cycles at the highest technological level together with the current linear material flow patterns lead to the disposal of ever larger amounts of increasingly valuable electronic scrap.
The objective of the international conference Electronics goes green 2000+" (EGG 2000+) is to present the current status of international R&D- activities and will additionally give an outlook on future visions for green products. It will be discussed how information and communication technology can contribute to a sustainable development. Which products and technologies are needed? The conference combines the well-known traditions of CARE INNOVATION (Europe), ECO DESIGN (Japan) and IEEE (USA) as the world's leading meeting on electronics and the environment. The conferences is organised in close co-operation with universities in the United States, Japan (University of Tokyo) and Europe (Delft Technical University, Technical University Berlin).

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Berlin