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NUMErical CAlculations for TURBOmachinery Flows


Computational FIuid Dynamics has become an unavoidable design and analysis tool in the field of turbomachinery. Steady-state Navier-Stokes solvers have almost reached their maturity. There remains however an open issue about the correct modelling of transition phenomena, and this point is particularly important in the study of low pressure turbines.
This session aims to present both the last results on transition and turbulence and to discuss completely a dedicated test case, created on purpose by the organisers. During the first three days, the lecturers will put the emphasis on the modelling of the transition phenomenon and discuss turbulence models for fully turbulent flows. A full day will be devoted to the discussion with the participants about the problems met in their use of a dedicated test case proposed in advance, Participants will present how they can manage some methods and will profit by individual suggestions. A large amount of recent results will be communicated to the attendees of the course. More importantly, the real test case proposed in advance to the participants will be a rare opportunity, as such a preparation needs an important work form the organisers.
The course duration (4,5 days) will permit discussions and individual hands on training.
The goal of the course is to facilitate the spreading of very accurate knowledge from World laboratories, where it has been acquired, to European industry, to improve their designing capability.

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