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Euro Summer School in Planetary Geology


The increased European involvement in the planetary exploration needs the presence of scientists able to analyze the data that will be obtained by the future planetary missions. In Europe, we have a serious lack of planetary geologists. Under today's circumstances many young students seek their education in U.S.A. because of the lack of educational opportunities in planetary geology.
We, here at the International Research School of Planetary Sciences, have been setting up a new research and educational institute that intends to study planetary surface environments and train young scientists.
We propose an "Euro Summer School on Planetary Geology" in order to provide knowledge on the geology, volcanism and climatic environments characterizing the planets of our Solar System.
We have already organized Short Courses for European students in the past and the results have been very promising.

The Euro Summer School on Planetary Geology (GEOPLANETS) is linked to the Workshop on Planetary Geology (INTERPLANET_CONF) that has been proposed separately responding to this call. The three events (GEOPLANETS and INTERPLANET_CONF series) form a single package to provide a differenciated forum to the geoscientific community in Europe. The Worshops will discusse leading-edge subjects, whereas the Summer School will deal with a background knowledge for young researchers.

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Pescara


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