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6th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON SPIN TRAPPING. Spin Traps, Nitroxides and Nitric Oxide : Spectroscopy, Chemistry and Free Radical Biology


The main goal of this Conference is to gather the international scientific community involved in the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spin Trapping techniques, in order to review the state of knowledge and to diffuse the most recent advances realised in this field. The spin trapping technique has been shown to be one of the most appropriate to detect and identify short-lived free radicals produced in chemical, biochemical or biological media. In addition, this method became of growing importance with the observation that free radicals could be involved in the development of numerous human diseases. However, the development of various applications of this method requires good knowledge in various scientific fields, such as spectroscopy, molecular design, free radical reactivity, biochemistry, phamacology, medicinal chemistry, and medicine. It is thus of crucial importance for the scientists hailing from all these different areas to have the opportunity to meet to exchange their knowledge and to build up contacts and scientific relations with colleagues, more particularly in European Member or Associated States.

For this purpose, highest level scientists, coming from different countries and all involved in spin trapping and free radical detection, will be invited at this symposium to give conferences on the following main topics: recent technical advances in spin trapping, synthesis of novel spin trapping agents, chemistry of nitroxyl radicals, in vivo spin trapping of free radicals, pharmacokinetics of spin traps and spin adducts, EPR imaging of nitroxides and therapeutic applications of spin traps.
A restricted number of participants will also be selected by the scientific committee to give an oral communication. In addition, daily poster sessions have been scheduled where participants others than lecturers and keynote speakers will have the opportunity to present their results.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This event takes place in marseille


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