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Géométrie Algébrique en Liberté 2001


PROPOSED EVENT: Euro Summer school Géométrie algébrique en liberté 2001 ( GAEL2001) PROPOSER, EAGER: a European Network in Algebraic Geometry, to be sponsored by the EC-program "Improving Human research Potential and the Socio-Economic Knowledge base" (proposal number RTN1-1999-00202). KEYNOTE SPEAKERS (all confirmed): S.K. Donaldson, A.N. Tyurin, W.B. Oxbury PROJECT TOPIC: Algebraic geometry is a core mathematical discipline that has been intensively studied since the late 19th century. It provides a range of geometric techniques describing solutions to equations. Because most of mathematics is concerned at some level with setting up and solving equations, for example to model problems in applications, algebraic geometry plays a central role in mathematics and physics. GAEL2001 addresses particularly themes in one of the most exciting new areas in the whole of mathematics, with close connections to mathematical physics: the invited keynote speakers will present topics grouped around gauge theory and the special Lagrangian approach to string theory.

PROGRAMME CONTENT: GAEL2001 brings together about 40 European PhD students and young post-docs with the three international experts invited as keynote speakers. Each keynote speaker gives a mini-series of one-hour lectures on the topics described above. Selected junior participants report in 40-minute talks on their current research projects. Each junior talk is followed by a discussion with particular emphasis on constructive comments by the keynote speakers. Typically, these discussions are the starting point of further junior-to-junior, junior-to-senior and senior-to-senior discussions during the lunch breaks or in the evenings. The ideal closed environment of the CIRM, Luminy (FR), provides ample space for these discussions.


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Luminy, Marseille