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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Restorative Justice as a Challenge for the New Milennium


While victim-offender mediation programs are the predominant form of restorative justice philosophy and practice, newer and more creative forms of restorative justice such as family group conference, sentencing circles and peace circles are unknown or utterly neglected in the European. The latter have the advantage that they are especially well suited to deal with minority and immigrant groups since they take their cultural background, values and traditions into account. The aim of all restorative justice programme is to restore peace in the community after an offensive/crime has been committed and traditional penal solutions of such matters seem to have failed or take not into account all the stakeholders and their interests/needs in order to restore justice in the community. In addition are new forms such as community-and problem oriented policing and new forms of social services such as communities that care more or less based on a restorative justice philosophy. The proposed conference is supposed to evaluate these new forms of restorative justice, discuss their merit and how people, communities and societies in Europe can benefit from them, how they can be implemented and evaluated in the various forms and countries.

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