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Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Tolerance in Honeybees


The concept is to create a stimulating academic environment for scientists usually not interacting but yet working on very similar topics. The gap between honeybee physiology and other classical laboratory insects (e.g. Dropsophila) is extreme and techniques and procedures which are routine in advanced laboratories are simply unknown in Apidology. On the other hand those researchers working on "classical" insects are usually unfamiliar with the advantages the honeybee can offer as a laboratory system (such as providing haploid test organisms (drones) which are extremely useful in all genetic mapping studies). The goal is thus to bring together two closely related research fields which usually do not interact, to stimulate interactions and boost the research efforts in understanding the molecular processes of resistance mechanisms in insects. The conference will thus be composed of eight sessions. Four of these are dedicated to classical honeybee pathology, and a focus on disease tolerance in the host, and drugs resistance in parasites. Four other symposia will deal with the molecular mechanisms underlying disease resistance in insects in general.


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Kralupy