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Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics Victor Rothschild Symposium


This is a proposal for the continuation of the support for the Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics at The Institute for Advanced Studies of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since its inception in 1982, the Jerusalem Winter School has provided a series of 17 schools of the very highest quality. The international Directors of the School have been Professor Steven Weinberg and Professor Edward Witten. The current Director is Professor David Gross. For the last several years the local Co-ordinator and Co-Director has been Professor Eliezer Rabinovici.
The general strategy of the School has been to offer schools in three major areas of research in theoretical physics: particle physics, astro-physics and condensed matter physics. We plan to continue this format in the next year. The programme for 2000/2001 is planned to be on the subject of Astro Physics, the topic being Cosmic Explosions. The School will consist of experimental and theoretical lectures on Gamma Ray Bursts. The topics to be covered include: Afterglows, Afterglow X-ray Observations; Afterglow Optical Observations; Gamma Ray Bursts Observations; Gamma Ray Bursts and Hypernovae; Supernovae; Accretion onto Black Holes and Supernovae as Sources of Gamma Ray Bursts. The Director of that School will be Professor R. Narayan from Harvard University. Professor Tsvi Piran will be the Israeli Co-Director for that School.


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Jerusalem