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6th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance


This conference is organized every year by the Society for Computational Economics. The objective of the Society is to promote methods in economics and finance. The presentations cover both quantitative and qualitative methods for economics, finance, and decision making- They include, but are not limited to, the following subjects: computational tools for linear and nonlinear systems, stochastic control, automatic differentation, nonlinear model-solution methods, mathematical programming algorithms, variational inequality and other algorithms for computing equilibria, neural networks, computability and complexity theory among others. The issues covered by the papers on financial topics are: complex options modelling, computational asset-liability issues, income securities, risk assessment simulation, network pricing, artificial intelligence, among others.
To pursue these objectives, the Society sponsors an annual scientitic conference, generally to be held in The summer months. The conference shall be structures, to include the research interest of all members of the Society to encorage their participation. The site of the conference alternates, between Eastern And Western Hempisphere locations to promote intemational participation. This conferences are called 'world meetings". With this conference we plan to bring together the top of young European researchers to discuss recent Developments in the field of computational economics as their implications.


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Barcelona