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The proposal concerns a Euro Summer School entitled Simulation of Fluid and Structure Interaction. Topically, the summer school belongs to the field of mathematics and applied mathematics, and it was selected in April 1999 to be an EMS Summer School by the European Mathematical Society (EMS). Fluid and structure interaction problems constitute a wide and diverse research field in applied mathematics, mathematical physics and engineering sciences.

This field attracts young, talented students and researchers partly because of the wide applicability of the methods, partly because of the challenging nature of the problems. Mathematical fluid and structure interaction problems represent an excellent example of highly sophisticated mathematical theories in a number of arias of practical interest. It can be met in a diverse variety practical applications ranging from nuclear reactor internals and marine risers to physiological ailments causing pulmonary insufficiency.

Mathematically, since the flows typically do not separate from the structural boundaries, the problem lends itself to coupling of fluid dynamics problems with problems of structural mechanics, via common boundary. Very important problems of this nature are met in airplane and turbine design (aeroelasticity), stability of various constructions (TV towers), hemodynamics etc. Mathematical modelling of fluid and structure interaction allow us to reduce very expensive and difficult experiments and in many cases it represents the only possibility to get an image of the qualitative and quantitative behaviour of the interaction between fluid and structure, when the experiment is impossible or very dangerous.

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