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Natural Waters and Water Technology


The two conferences proposed here form part of the EURESCO series "Natural Waters and Water Technologies". Aquatic colloid science and engineering is currently undergoing a period of rapid development, driven by the emergence of a range of new and complementary techniques for the separation, fractionation and characterisation of colloidal material. These new techniques give scientists and engineers the tools to explore the role of colloidal and small particulate material in natural waters and in water treatment processes. The main focus for these two proposed conferences are colloidal and particulate matter in different types of waters.

The main objective for these conferences is to establish a platform for exchange of knowledge with respect to methods for characterisation of colloidal and particulate matter in waters. European scientists are at the forefront in many areas, and the conferences therefore provide an opportunity to strengthen and develop this European leadership role. The first conference will mainly focus on method development and on colloidal matter in natural waters (groundwater, fresh water, marine water and soil water), while the second will cover the technological aspects of particulate matter indifferent water treatment processes (drinking water, wastewater, landfill polluted waters). The second meeting will also include presentations and discussions of treatment technologies with respect to colloidal and particulate matter. Three main topics will be covered, namely removal of particulate and colloidal matter within drinking water production and in wastewater treatment, and the reduction of colloidal carriers mobilised from waste disposals.

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