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Biofilms are sessile communities of microbial cells that develop on surfaces in virtually all aquatic ecosystems. It is now recognised that biofilms are the predominant form of microbial growth in natural and engineered ecosystems and, thus, are of great practical importance. The past decade has witnessed the development of several new analytical approaches to elucidate the structure and function of biofilms and consequently, to improved control and exploitation of biofilms.

The proposed series of two Euro Summer Schools aim to teach, at an advanced scientific level, the concepts and approaches used to study bioiflm formation, structure and function; and to illustrate focused applications of both concepts and methods in a wide range of technological settings. The combination of fundamental and applied aspects will allow for further development in the understanding, control and exploitation of biofilms in an interdisciplinary environment. To achieve this aim, each of the two Euro Summer Schools will have a particular focus.

The first event will focus on fundamental aspects of biofilm research and will introduce participants to a variety of novel analytical techniques, e.g. the use of advanced confocal microscopy and molecular probes. The second event will focus on technological applications where biofilms are of importance, both detrimentally, such as in implant associated infections, and positively, such as in biofilm-based wastewater treatment systems.

Although each course will have a specific focus, both events will be integrated into the overall program concept by ensuring that fundamental and applied aspects are included in both Euro Summer Schools.

The combination of both events will:
a) Provide a forum for the dissemination of interdisciplinary research approaches;
b) Provide training and information in the latest analytical methodologies
c) Will emphasise the link between analysis and application with respect to biofilm-related research and technology.

Funding Scheme

SC - High Level Scientific Conference


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