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Bacterial Neural Networks


The objective of this EuroConference series is to analyse and develop a new concept of "Bacterial Neural Networks", with particular emphasis on "Inter- and Intracellular Signalling and Signal integration". An important underlying theme of these meetings is the development of new techniques to analyse gene expression and complex regulatory circuits in bacteria, with emphasis on the fact that this technology crosses the boundary of academic and industrial research. Consequently, an important objective is to encourage participants and invite speakers from both sectors.

"Bacterial NeuraI Networks" implies that bacteria can to a degree "think" and can certainly learn and adapt to flourish in a particular environment. This could be achieved through the sensing and processing of enormous amounts of information which must then be integrated with many regulatory networks, including cell cycle controls, in order to maximise growth and survival in a given niche. These concepts bring together specialists involved in signal transtrariduction, chemotaxis and movement, differentiation and development, stress responses, pathogenicity in plants, mammals and insects, quorum sensing, mathematical approaches to complex processes, DNA-chip and micro-array technology and cell cycle regulation.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This event takes place in obernai (near strasbourg)


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