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This Euroconference belongs to the series of the EURESCO conferences on Supramolecular Chemistry. Among the most important topics in supramolecular chemistry: self-recognition and self-assembly, catalysis, and materials, have been already subjects of past conferences. In the continuing evolution of large, nanosized molecules one of the challenging goals is the development of "smart" systems with built-in, pre-determined functionalities.

In a "bottom-up" approach, such a development can take place through a sequence of steps of increasing complexity:
i) Design of molecular building blocks,
ii) Supramolecular assembly of molecular components in a specific geometry and energetic sequence.

In this regard of particular interest are rod-type systems in which besides a structural built-in-directionality a function of transport (energy, electrons, ions), can be introduced, molecular wires.

The possibility to control the properties of the systems and to use this knowledge to construct simple devices such as molecular switches is very appealing. Only with the interaction between synthetic chemists, spectroscopists, electrochemists, material scientists, and industrial researchers this aim will be reached.

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