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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics: The Syntax of Impaired Language


The various types of language disorders were until recently the research and practice domain of psychologists, neurologists, and speech-language pathologists primarily. It is an undeniable phenomenon of the past years, however, that the research interest of theoretical linguists is also shifting to impaired language. At the same time, non-linguists in contact with language disorders begin to consider seriously the linguistic approaches to them. The proposed conference aims at capturing this mutual interest at its outset, enhance it and promote it to ongoing interaction. Its main objectives are:
- to contribute new insights to the structure of both normal and impaired language;
- to establish common structural patterns cutting across the various language disorders.
Some of the outcomes of these objectives are:
- a better understanding of the properties of human language and its representation in the mind/brain
- the use of this knowledge towards more efficient language rehabilitation strategies.
- Participants will become aware of the far-reaching consequences that linguistic theory has for the area of language disorders and vice versa;
- Young researchers will have the opportunity to participate and present their work.
The conference will constitute a forum in which research in linguistic theory will be evaluated, criticised and, conceivably, reformed in the face of the structure of impaired language.

The European setting is most appropriate for the conference because:
- of the large number of languages already spoken in a relatively small and coherent geographical area, notwithstanding those which are continuously added via the unification of new countries and the influx of immigrant and refugee populations;
- it will offer European scientists of the aforementioned fields the opportunity to interact and exchange research interests and ideas but also to promote their work and make it visible within and outside the borders of Europe.

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