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Solids &fluids


The conference will bring together experts in the general area of Complex Fluids at Interfaces under five main headings, local structure and dynamics of foams, structure and dynamics of thin films and surfaces of liquids, wetting and dewetting, friction and the solid-liquid interface, and assembly at interfaces (reality and models). The proposed conference is the fourth meeting in the series Solid-Fluid Interfaces that was started by Prof de Gennes in 1992. Since the first meeting the field of Complex Fluids at Interfaces has become more central to many current technological developments and has generated an astonishing richness of phenomena.

The present situation is dominated by the problems of relating events on the molecular scale to those on the mesoscopic scale and that will be the particular focus of the meeting. The field will be of central scientific importance over the next decades and the current European strength needs to be maintained and developed by the early involvement of young researchers.

Funding Scheme

SC - High Level Scientific Conference


Quai Lezay-marntsia 1
67080 Strasbourg