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Sesm on epp


The SESM on EPP is an International Meeting for young researchers of Elementary Particle Physics (EPP), specializing in either theory or experiment at the post-graduate and early post-doctoral levels. The scope of the Meeting is to offer the young researchers a complete and in depth background on the subject of EPP. The excellent team of lecturers that has been chosen and the ideal conditions for interaction among the young participants and lecturers are expected to provide an inspiring, truly advanced and beneficial training for the young participants which is hoped to lead them eventually in new important contributions in the subject of EPP.

The proposed School first refers to very fundamental issues of EPP both in theory and in experiment, namely, the Standard Model (SM) with a detailed investigation of its symmetry-breaking sector and its precision tests. The rest of the programme and the structure of the School has been designed so as to focus also in particular topics and to cover altogether the very broad spectrum of all current trends that constitute the Physics of the SM and Beyond.

The School is planned to cover in detail the subjects:
a) Flavour Physics,
b) Neutrino Physics
c) Unification - Supersymmetry.

These subjects constitute the scientific front in the field of EPP. An additional aim is to expose the students to recent ideas on Cosmology, Supergravity, Superstrings, Branes, Non-Commutative Geometry and Quantum Groups by offering introductory lectures on these subjects. The lecturers have been chosen among the international leading experts who in addition are excellent speakers and effective teachers.

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