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Higher dimensional varieties and rational points


The aim of the programme "Higher Dimensional Varieties and Rational Points" is to encourage collaboration between specialists in higher dimensional complex geometry and those studying arithmetic/diophantine questions. To our knowledge, this will be the first international event devoted to this topic. The motivation for organising such an event is furnished by important recent developments establishing first links between the two research areas. Therefore we have good reason to hope that our programme will give a significant impetus to the research of established scientists and young researchers alike.

The main areas of research to be touched upon are: - classification and minimal models of varieties - rationally connected varieties - rational and integral points- fundamental groups and Galois groups with special emphasis on the existing and expected connections among them. The Programme consists of two parts: the first week is a Summer School where 6 mini-courses of 3 lectures each, are delivered by well-known experts. Half of the courses will focus on geometric and the other half on arithmetic topics. This is followed by a Workshop during the second and the third weeks of the Programme. There will be a regular seminar (two talks in the mornings) featuring approximately one-hour lectures on recent results by the keynote speakers, and informal seminars are held in the afternoons. The emphasis is on research work and informal discussions of participants. Six out of the nineteen keynote speakers of the Workshop are the lecturers of the Summer School. In addition, young reasearchers taking part in the Workshop may deepen their knowledge at the Summer School.

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