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Dgd 2001


Advanced research conferences at the European level in genetics will have the effect of exposing young researchers in biology and medicine to the rapid progress that is being made in the fields of clinical dysmorphology and developmental biology. The proposal that the course "From developmental genes to dysmorphology" becomes part of the Euroconference network has the precise aim to promote coordinated molecular and clinical studies in Europe, taking advantage of the expertises of excellent scientists in the above-cited fields.

The experimental findings that correlate gene expression and function at defined developmental stages and animal models by which the contribution of sets of genes to building organs and tissues is clarified, offer explanations to the pathogenesis of malformations. While the complex pathways that sustain normal human development are being progressively unravelled, it is clear that clinical dysmorphology is moving very fast from a pure descriptive to a molecular discipline. The above statements are reinforced by the possibilities offered by the great amount of information made available thanks to the human genome project, the progress in creation of clinical data bases and classification of diseases, the development of technologies.

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