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The European Conference on Organic Electronics and Related Phenomena (ECOER) is intended as a high-level forum bringing together physicists, chemists, material scientists and engineers involved in the research, design, and development of electronic, light-emitting, light-sensitive, opto-electronic and photonic devices based on novel organic materials. This is a fast developing field covering both fundamental and applied research as well as technology, especially information technology. The Nobel Prize 2000 in Chemistry given to researchers being active in this field underline the importance and acceptance of this research area.

The conference aims to highlight basic studies on charge and energy transfer in organic materials, on structure-property relationship concerning electrical, optical and related properties as well as on material and device aspects. The latter especially covers organic light-emitting devices including injection lasers, organic field-effect transistors and integrated circuits, organic phototransistors, organic solar cells, and other organic photoresponsive devices while the former will also include very recent research in organic superconductivity, organic quantum hall effect and related investigations.

The conference will include oral and poster presentations and will also be organised as a virtual conference via Internet. An exhibition dedicated to the demonstration of the current status of display devices, solar cells and other organic electronic devices will be organised parallel with the conference. Since currently there are activities in the United States, Japan and other Asian countries to organise conferences and workshops devoted to certain of the above mentioned aspects it would be of high importance to create a European conference series covering the whole field of Organic Electronics including fundamental, applied and technological aspects. This would promote scientific and technological excellence and would contribute to attain European leadership in this field of research.

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