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50 years of the Cauchy problem in Einstein's theory of gravitation


The topic of the summer school are the recent developments in the understanding of the mathematical structure of general relativity, with emphasis on the global properties of solutions of Einstein equations. The school has an interdisciplinary character, is addressed both to theoretical physicists and to mathematicians, and part of its program has a workshop character. The time length, the topics, and the timing have been carefully chosen so that both the students and the mature scientists can see their work from a larger prespective, weight the relevance of their work to experimental and modelling applications, and can get insight into new analytical problems; however, special care has been taken to avoid an excessive interdisciplinarity which could divert interest from the main theme of the meeting.

There has been considerable progress in the field during recent years, and a school which would give an introduction to up-to-date techniques in mathematical general relativity has long been overdue. The gravitational wave detectors which are being constructed in Germany, Italy, as well as in Japan and the USA, will soon start collecting data, which leads to the need of better mathematical foundations of several aspects of the theory, as well as the need of young researchers trained to study such questions. Deeper insights into the mathematical structure of the theory will also be required to perform reliable numerical simulations of the expected gravitational wave data. The school is planning to address all those needs. (The date and the title of the school have been chosen to commemorate the publication in 1952 of the paper by Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat on the Cauchy problem in general relativity, which opened the door to our current understanding of an essential part of the mathematical properties of solutions of the vacuum Einstein equations.)

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This event takes place in Cargese, Corse


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