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Quantum phases at the nanoscale


Advances in fundamental nanoscience have the potential to create novel technologies in information science and new research directions in modern solid-state physics. This Euro conference is aimed to address and discuss new fundamental quantum effects occurring at the nanoscale. To this end leading scientists and young researchers working in different areas of solid-state physics will be brought together with the following objectives: stimulate exchange of ideas, disseminate the most recent experimental and theoretical results, and promote training of young researchers at the beginning of their activity in the field. The conference will cover the most intriguing and innovative aspects of novel quantum phases and quantum phase transitions in solid-state systems of reduced physical dimensions with the aim of highlighting general concepts and of exploring new frontiers and directions of research. An extensive interaction between researchers from United States/Japan and from Member and Associate States will be encouraged.

The project program will cover three general topics:
1) Novel quantum phases at the nanoscale; the topic will include quantum Hall ferromagnetism, novel spin- phases in low-dimensional superconductors and semiconductors, Luttinger liquids, metal-insulator transition, Wigner crystallization, excitonic insulators, and Kondo effect;
2) Non conventional materials and new directions; scientific sessions will be devoted to discuss new correlated phases in ferromagnetic semiconductors, molecular crystals, metallic nanoparticles, manganites, biomolecular nanosystems and carbon nanotubes;
3) New experimental and theoretical approaches at the nanoscale.
This topic will address the following issues: advanced scanning-probe techniques; new approaches to nanofabrication; new theoretical approaches to quantum criticality and quantum phase transitions at the nanoscale.

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This event takes place in Erice (Sicily)


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