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Over the few past years, electron, ion and laser beam-induced as well as plasma-based chemical and physical vapor deposition techniques experienced a very rapid growth and now are emerging from laboratories. These techniques appropriate to solve a given surface engineering problem are highly differentiated; thus, it becomes difficult to maintain a clear overlook and understanding in this very interdisciplinary field of research and application. The scientific/technological objectives of this summer school are to develop and update the knowledge of young and senior scientists on various problems of physics and chemistry involved in the production and application of thin films, which can be used for production of micro- and nano-devices. This school will provide researchers with guides to a more rational exploration of the still unknown principles that govern the science and technology of thin film deposition processes and would be very helpful to give knowledge facilitating the penetration and implementation of new deposition processes required for industrial applications in a variety of advanced European technologies (space, nuclear, mechanical, chemical engineering).

A very specific aspect of this meeting is to bring together an international group of physicists, chemists, researchers and engineers from EU countries and other countries to learn from each other associated with internationally recognized lecturers from university, industry and national research centers. This meeting will be an appropriate opportunity to create the framework for the networking of researchers active outside the Member States and Associate States to build up or preserve their contacts and scientific relations with colleagues in Member States and Associates States. The proposed summer school could lead to a significant step forward in the field of cooperation between European scientists (from Member States and Associate States) and scientists from other countries and could improve of the scientific level of young scientists and engineers in the field of Process Engineering for Thin Film Deposition.

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