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The overall objective of the European Conference on Personality is to bring together personality psychologists from applied and basic fields and to develop efficient research networks among them. In the last decade numerous psychologists throughout Europe have initiated research programs aiming to contribute to the understanding and solution of societal problems that all European states are facing like efficient use and training of workforce, widespread stress reaction in work and home environments, criminality, prevention of physical and psychological illness, immigration, and xenophobia.

The study of individual differences (personality variables) is an important facet of this research. Since there is a tendency that personality constructs are increasingly studied outside the field of personality psychology this conference aims at bringing together psychologists from European countries that are involved in personality research. Setting up research networks and enhancing the exchange among researchers in diverse fields of psychological research is the basic aim of the European Conference on Personality.

There will be an interchange between basic and applied researchers. On the one hand, this conference focuses on those aspects of personality that are important to many research programs: the structure and measurement of personality traits, personality change and development, the aetiology of personality traits. On the other hand, researchers in more applied fields will present their approaches and results. This interchange is extremely important mainly for three reasons: First, to yield a high level of expertise in applied research, second, to avoid the costly parallel development of theories and research methods, and finally, to contribute to the development and testing of theories that generalize across fields of application.

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