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ETIC Doctoral Conference


During the last decade, it has been increasingly recognised that technical change is a major factor affecting strategic macroeconomic variables such as growth and international trade and competitiveness both in political circles and in the academic world. The research field of Economics of Technological and Institutional Change, theories and applications, has developed considerably: new concepts and tools are experimented and new data related to innovation are collected. Considerable efforts have been made to develop the capabilities of young researchers, and in particular PhD students to deal with those questions. The relevance has become even more obvious for European competitiveness in an integrated market and a monetary union.
Since 1993, the EUNETIC-ETIC network has been offering PhD students (mainly EU students at the beginning, later also students from Eastern and central Europe and the NIS) training in the latest developments in the field, during two-week training sessions, gathering students from all over Europe as well as the leading researchers in the field.
The present proposal is to organize a Euroconference CONF-ETIC to give these students who participated in the summer schools over the past six years a unique opportunity not only to attend presentations of high level keynotes speakers in the field but also to present their own research and results in an international and professionally organised conference and to show the progress of their work.

The Conference will focus on four broad areas:
- Microeconomics of innovation, technology management and theory of the firm;
- Macrodynamics of growth and trade in open economies;
- Evolutionary modelling of technical change and economic dynamics;
- Systems of innovation and technology policies.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This event takes place in strasbourg


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