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This conference will be in the spirit of previous conferences in model theory held in Trento (1991) and in Durham (1996), but on a larger scale in size and topics covered. The emphasis will be on recent developments in model theory and its applications, particularly to Algebra and Analysis. Such a conference is long overdue, and will allow an interchange, between the many European model theorists working in this area, both from the pure and applied sides of the subject, as well as bringing in the best from other parts of the world. The programme will comprise three tutorials in particularly active areas of model theory (o-minimality, p-adics, and separably closed fields), of three hours each. These tutorials should allow young researchers, and more generally people not working directly in the concerned areas, to familiarise themselves with the subject and some of the recent developments.

In addition to the tutorials, there will be fourteen plenary talks, of one hour each, given on more specialised topics by leading researchers. The invited talks will complement and expand on themes developed in the tutorials. There will also be three hours of special sessions, in which six young lecturers (advanced graduate students or recent doctorates) will have thirty minutes to present their work. These sessions should generate interactions between them and the other participants at the conference and advertise their work in view of possible post-doctoral positions. Finally, a poster session and a problem session are planned. People wanting to present their results will be given the opportunity to post a detailed abstract (the posters will be displayed more or less permanently). In the problem session, participants will discuss open questions and problems. A typical working day will have only five hours of lectures per day, which should give plenty of opportunities for informal discussions.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Ravello (Salerno)