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Mathematical and theoretical biology and medicine is a diverse field in which interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for progress. The field ranges from experimental research linked to mathematical modelling to the development of more abstract mathematical frameworks in which observations about the real world can be interpreted and with which new hypotheses for testing can be generated. The medical, industrial and social interests in the development of this research field are undisputable.

Insights and predictions from mathematical modelling are used increasingly in decision support in medicine (e.g. immunology and spread of infectious diseases, cancer research, cardio-vascular research, neurological research, optimisation of medical treatments, imaging), and environmental nature management, climate problems, agriculture and management of natural resources.

Fast developments in areas such as biotechnology (e.g. genome projects, genetic modification) continue to add new focal points of activity to the field. The European Conference on Modelling and Computing in Biology and Medicine has as its goal to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians and bio-scientists and to act as the main forum for the exchange of recent research results and new research directions to the widest possible community in theoretical biology and medicine.

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